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Training Program

Successful E-Marketing employees in the gaming industry are paid among the highest of any marketing positions in the world. At Giant Outsource, we not only service the marketing and management for some of the world’s most established gaming platforms, we also provide on hands training, bursaries and certification for young talent wishing to pursue a career in this $200 Billion global industry.

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With the evolving landscape of e-marketing it’s hard to commercially recruit entry level talent that understands the intricacies of online gaming in the context of highly competitive region based marketing. Staff that can fit into the existing flow and apply new strategy with a fresh approach to existing organisational structures are an invaluable asset.

Leading Edge Software Development

With our in-house software department comprising of back end/ front end and full stack developers, a design team, systems analyst and project management, Giant Outsource provides all of our client’s with a full spectrum of solutions to ultimately provide agile and commercially robust e-commerce platforms.

Call Centre Services

With acquisition competition increasing and player loyalty decreasing, converting and reactivating customers has never been more important. We host a full service call center solutions, using proven strategies to handle all points of contact across our brands via proprietary CRM software across five languages.

Internship Program

Not only will you be taught by some of the industry’s leading e-gaming minds, but you’ll be working on actual brands to hone your skills in one of the world’s most competitive sectors.

  • Digital Marketing Internship

    Our marketing internship lasts for six months and offers a select few individuals the chance to work on real projects, mastering the tactics used by SEO gurus as well as invaluable knowledge of white/ black hat tactics used by competitors to drive traffic.

  • Dynamic Skills Management

    Even if you choose to follow another e-marketing career after training, you will leave having gained an understanding into the raw effort it takes to find succeed in one of the most competitive online arenas.

  • Having What It Takes

    Remember our seats are limited so serious inquiries only please. If you have a real desire to succeed then contact us here and we’ll be in touch to kick start your career.

  • Remote Work

    Digital nomads in command of your time working from home or in-country to acchieve Giant group projects. The digital market no longer requires office deskspace. Remote employees have taken over the performance marketing industry.


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